EVO Performance Carbon Brake Pads

        Features & Benefits: Carbon-fiber reinforced ceramic formula for fade-free braking power and cleaner wheels Dual layer high temperature rubberized shims insulate noise for virtually silent braking OE positive mold technology along with a thermal scorched pad surface ensures consistent wear and performance while ensuring a fast break in Chamfered and slotted design to ensure noise free braking Premium stainless-steel hardware and pin bushing kit included for problem free installation (where applicable)
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        Falcon Brakes
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          Falcon Brakes
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          Falcon Brakes
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        • Fitment Type
          Vehicle Specific
        1965FORDTHUNDERBIRD6.4L 390cid V8
        1965FORDTHUNDERBIRD7.0L 427cid V8
        1965LINCOLNCONTINENTAL7.0L 430cid V8
        1966FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE2.8L 170cid L6
        1966FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE3.3L 200cid L6
        1966FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE3.9L 240cid L6
        1966FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE4.7L 289cid V8
        1966FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE5.8L 352cid V8
        1966FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE6.4L 390cid V8
        1966FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE7.0L 427cid V8
        1966FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE7.0L 428cid V8
        1966FORDCUSTOM3.9L 240cid L6
        1966FORDCUSTOM4.7L 289cid V8
        1966FORDCUSTOM5.8L 352cid V8
        1966FORDCUSTOM6.4L 390cid V8
        1966FORDCUSTOM7.0L 427cid V8
        1966FORDCUSTOM7.0L 428cid V8
        1966FORDGALAXIE3.9L 240cid L6
        1966FORDGALAXIE4.7L 289cid V8
        1966FORDGALAXIE5.8L 352cid V8
        1966FORDGALAXIE6.4L 390cid V8
        1966FORDGALAXIE7.0L 427cid V8
        1966FORDGALAXIE7.0L 428cid V8
        1966FORDLTD3.9L 240cid L6
        1966FORDLTD4.7L 289cid V8
        1966FORDLTD5.8L 352cid V8
        1966FORDLTD6.4L 390cid V8
        1966FORDLTD7.0L 427cid V8
        1966FORDLTD7.0L 428cid V8
        1966FORDTHUNDERBIRD6.4L 390cid V8
        1966FORDTHUNDERBIRD7.0L 428cid V8
        1966LINCOLNCONTINENTAL7.6L 462cid V8
        1966MERCURYCOLONY PARK6.4L 390cid V8
        1966MERCURYCOLONY PARK6.7L 410cid V8
        1966MERCURYCOLONY PARK7.0L 427cid V8
        1966MERCURYCOLONY PARK7.0L 428cid V8
        1966MERCURYCOMMUTER6.4L 390cid V8
        1966MERCURYCOMMUTER6.7L 410cid V8
        1966MERCURYCOMMUTER7.0L 427cid V8
        1966MERCURYCOMMUTER7.0L 428cid V8
        1966MERCURYMARAUDER6.4L 390cid V8
        1966MERCURYMARAUDER6.7L 410cid V8
        1966MERCURYMARAUDER7.0L 427cid V8
        1966MERCURYMARAUDER7.0L 428cid V8
        1966MERCURYMONTCLAIR6.4L 390cid V8
        1966MERCURYMONTCLAIR6.7L 410cid V8
        1966MERCURYMONTCLAIR7.0L 427cid V8
        1966MERCURYMONTCLAIR7.0L 428cid V8
        1966MERCURYMONTEREY6.4L 390cid V8
        1966MERCURYMONTEREY6.7L 410cid V8
        1966MERCURYMONTEREY7.0L 427cid V8
        1966MERCURYMONTEREY7.0L 428cid V8
        1966MERCURYPARK LANE6.4L 390cid V8
        1966MERCURYPARK LANE6.7L 410cid V8
        1966MERCURYPARK LANE7.0L 427cid V8
        1966MERCURYPARK LANE7.0L 428cid V8
        1967FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE2.8L 170cid L6
        1967FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE3.3L 200cid L6
        1967FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE3.9L 240cid L6
        1967FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE4.7L 289cid V8
        1967FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE5.8L 352cid V8
        1967FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE6.4L 390cid V8
        1967FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE7.0L 427cid V8
        1967FORDCOUNTRY SQUIRE7.0L 428cid V8
        1967FORDCUSTOM3.9L 240cid L6
        1967FORDCUSTOM4.7L 289cid V8
        1967FORDCUSTOM6.4L 390cid V8
        1967FORDCUSTOM7.0L 427cid V8
        1967FORDCUSTOM7.0L 428cid V8
        1967FORDGALAXIE3.9L 240cid L6
        1967FORDGALAXIE4.7L 289cid V8
        1967FORDGALAXIE5.8L 352cid V8
        1967FORDGALAXIE6.4L 390cid V8
        1967FORDGALAXIE7.0L 427cid V8
        1967FORDGALAXIE7.0L 428cid V8
        1967FORDLTD3.9L 240cid L6
        1967FORDLTD4.7L 289cid V8
        1967FORDLTD5.8L 352cid V8
        1967FORDLTD6.4L 390cid V8
        1967FORDLTD7.0L 427cid V8
        1967FORDLTD7.0L 428cid V8
        1967FORDTHUNDERBIRD6.4L 390cid V8
        1967FORDTHUNDERBIRD7.0L 428cid V8
        1967LINCOLNCONTINENTAL7.6L 462cid V8
        1967MERCURYCOLONY PARK6.4L 390cid V8
        1967MERCURYCOLONY PARK6.7L 410cid V8
        1967MERCURYCOLONY PARK7.0L 427cid V8
        1967MERCURYCOLONY PARK7.0L 428cid V8
        1967MERCURYCOMMUTER4.7L 289cid V8
        1967MERCURYCOMMUTER6.4L 390cid V8
        1967MERCURYCOMMUTER6.7L 410cid V8
        1967MERCURYCOMMUTER7.0L 427cid V8
        1967MERCURYCOMMUTER7.0L 428cid V8
        1967MERCURYMARAUDER6.4L 390cid V8
        1967MERCURYMARAUDER6.7L 410cid V8
        1967MERCURYMARAUDER7.0L 427cid V8
        1967MERCURYMARAUDER7.0L 428cid V8
        1967MERCURYMARQUIS6.4L 390cid V8
        1967MERCURYMARQUIS6.7L 410cid V8
        1967MERCURYMARQUIS7.0L 427cid V8
        1967MERCURYMARQUIS7.0L 428cid V8
        1967MERCURYMONTCLAIR6.4L 390cid V8
        1967MERCURYMONTCLAIR6.7L 410cid V8
        1967MERCURYMONTCLAIR7.0L 427cid V8
        1967MERCURYMONTCLAIR7.0L 428cid V8
        1967MERCURYMONTEREY6.4L 390cid V8
        1967MERCURYMONTEREY6.7L 410cid V8
        1967MERCURYMONTEREY7.0L 427cid V8
        1967MERCURYMONTEREY7.0L 428cid V8
        1967MERCURYPARK LANE6.4L 390cid V8
        1967MERCURYPARK LANE6.7L 410cid V8
        1967MERCURYPARK LANE7.0L 427cid V8
        1967MERCURYPARK LANE7.0L 428cid V8
        1967OLDSMOBILETORONADO7.0L 425cid V8
        1968CADILLACELDORADO7.7L 472cid V8
        1968LINCOLNCONTINENTAL7.0L 429cid V8
        1968LINCOLNCONTINENTAL7.5L 460cid V8
        1968LINCOLNCONTINENTAL7.6L 462cid V8
        1968OLDSMOBILETORONADO7.5L 455cid V8
        1969LINCOLNCONTINENTAL7.5L 460cid V8